Hack Mod hackWe have created an application for, this is a program that will help you game – Hack. Let’s see how this works:

First of all, follow these steps. Download a package with our hack, unzip and move the file to the bookmarks bar in your browser. The window of hack will be ready in the game – do not need to enter any data, everything is ready for action.

For details, such as user name, region game mode are reported to the “Terminal” Hack appear below. You have to wait until the process is complete hacking. Then you will see the download button. Clicking this button you can retrieve your custom bot generated and you are ready to run the game!

After downloading the hack, connect to within 15 minutes to hack to be activated. After that, you can use it indefinitely. If you want to change your user name, region or gamemode should generate a new bookmarklet. Bookmarklet created for each supported browser based on user name and IP address (so you can select the user name already taken / being used by someone else)

Note: This application is not running in Internet Explorer. So use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) instead of IE.